February 15, 2018 - Recovery Resources Service Day - Please join us for all or part of the time. 
Agenda for the Day:
11:30     Meet in lobby at 3950 Chester Avenue
                Building tour
12:00     Lunch with clients in Baker Board Room – topics provided for discussion at each table.  
12:30     Go around the room Introductions – describe line of work/business
                Presentation of RR Employment Services, what they do, what they try to achieve,
                what they  need (advocates), success stories
1:15        Rotary presentation –We will prepare topics to share with their clients and we will  
                have a  Q&A to address topics such as:
                 1. What do you look for in an employee
                 2. Interviewing do’s and don’ts
                 3.  Ways to make employers feel more comfortable with people in recovery, in
                        control of their mental health and/or  incarceration
                 4.  What do people need in today’s world to prepare for a job/career – education,
                      computer skills, etc