Meet our 2022-2023
 Club President
Jennifer Kelly
Happy new Rotary year! I am honored and excited to serve as your 2022-2023 Rotary President. It has been such a joy to reconnect in person again, and I look forward to a fun-filled, inspiring year serving with you as we embark on our next chapter. I would like to extend a big thank you to Christi Wiskochil for her leadership in the past year, and as always, Sharon Lerch for her unwavering dedication behind the scenes in making everything we do in our club first-rate and successful. 

I am thrilled to serve as President in the same year that Jennifer Jones, our first female Rotary International President, starts her new role. Her passion, vision and leadership will inspire us all to energize our efforts in serving our communities. This year, Jennifer chose the theme “Imagine” to guide our Rotary Year. Just like the John Lennon song, Jennifer invites us to imagine a world living in peace, living as one, and sharing the world. I look forward to imagining and implementing many impactful programs and projects with our club this year that will promote peace and help those in need. 

I am so proud of the wonderful programs and projects our club makes possible in our community and across the globe. This year, my goals will center around our members. Retention, member satisfaction, and pride/passion for our club will be the objectives. During the coming year, here are the five objectives I have set out to accomplish with your participation and engagement: 

1. Onboarding program for new members. 

2. Committee Chairs communication - monthly/bi-monthly call to share projects and encourage collaboration with each other. Communication to club members regarding ongoing committee projects. 

3. More club assemblies to encourage members to get to know each other better and discuss what you would like to see to make our club the best it can be. 

4. Service with families – I encourage you all to invite your spouses, partners, kids, parents, cousins, and all family members to join us in attending a service project, a meeting, or an After-Hours event, making our activities more meaningful to our members and their loved ones. 

5. Fun – it is important that we are enjoying our Rotary experiences together! 

I look forward to a fantastic year filled with impactful service projects, inspirational speakers, exploring new places across our beloved city of Cleveland after hours, getting to know you better, and helping those in need locally and overseas.