Meet our 2021-2022
 Club President
Christine Wiskochil
Happy New Rotary Year!  It is an honor and privilege to have been elected to serve as your 2021-2022 President.  I look forward to working with all of you as we embark on a new year and my promise to help rejuvenate us all as we connect in person again!   
On behalf of the membership, club officers, board of directors and our foundation trustee’s, I congratulate our 2020-2021 President Ron Felgenhauer on an exceptional Rotary year. His energy and leadership, with the help of our Executive Director Sharon Lerch, allowed us all to stay connected and inspired when our lives were challenged with the Covid pandemic and the isolation it created in our community. Thank you, Ron, and we look forward to your continued leadership in our club for years to come. 
As we begin to rebuild our “new normal,” I challenge all of you to embrace our Strategic Planning Goals to help better our club and hold true to our motto “Service Above Self.”
  • Growing Membership
  • Strategic Branding in our Community 
  • Expand High Quality Programing 
  • Excellent Standards in Club Management  
  • Increase our Cultural Diversity
As President, I am so proud to be a part of a club that exemplifies this year’s Rotary theme “Serve to Change Lives.”  Our committees and club involvement have never been stronger. This past year our committees were committed to helping those in need, spanning across all 4 avenues of service; we developed a literacy program, Operation Comic Book, provided tutoring to students in need, helped the Haitian Vision Foundation provide food supplements to malnutrition toddlers, purchased desks for a school in Malawi, volunteered countless hours at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, continued our every 56 day club blood donor day, assisted with the Cleveland State University Viking Veterans program, provided food and cold weather packets to the homeless and virtually were able to sustain our 43rd Annual Thesmacher High School Recognition Day/New Generations Conference, the 25th Annual Business Leadership Awards and our 53rdAnnual CSU Student Awards of Excellence.  I look forward to the continued engagement of all Rotary members in making our club the premier service and networking organization in the city of Cleveland.  Together we will be the example on how to change lives!
Christine Wiskochil
2021-2022 Club President