Rotary After Hours
November 30, 2023
5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
Dunham Tavern - located at 6709 Euclid Ave. CLE  44103
Chuck Konigsberg's Focus Group 
Purpose of Focus Group:
  • Chuck is writing a book that will lay out for the American public during the presidential election year a set of common-sense solutions--supported by solid majorities of the American people--to address our most pressing challenges.
  • The premise of the book is that the American public has already coalesced around sensible solutions, notwithstanding the division and distraction promulgated by politicians. 
  • Chuck will be asking the attendees to provide feedback on: (1) the issues they regard as the nation’s most pressing challenges; and (2) polling data and policy options he has assembled on potential solutions that can garner majority support. 
  • His working draft outline currently includes chapters on the following topics: (1) defense, democracy and American global leadership; (2) climate change; (3) the public debt; (4) Social Security solvency; (5) cybersecurity and controlling AI; (6) immigration and economic growth; (7) national service and national unity; (8) rebuilding the center with nonpartisan primaries; (9) creating opportunities for the disabled; (10) international trade, economic growth, and global stability; (11) rediscovering the genius of competition; (12) education as the engine of opportunity; (13) health care coverage and spending; (14) infrastructure and investment budgets; (15) closing the tax gap and other revenue raisers; (16) abortion and religious freedom.
This will be a fun and interactive event with heavy appetizers and beverages. Please RSVP to the Rotary office.