Rotary Works! is a new committee within the Rotary Club of Cleveland that will focus on professional development among members.  As Rotarians, we have always appreciated the opportunities membership presents to do business with like-minded individuals who share the same business values and ethics.

Once a month this group will meet before a regularly scheduled Rotary meeting.  The meeting agenda will follow this four part pattern:

·         Each Rotary Works! member will give a 30 second elevator speech

·        A featured guest will make a presentation about their professional lives:
·  Personal Bests
·  Mistakes Made
·  Greatest Successes
·  Keys to Success
·  Personal Story

·         Each Rotary Works! member that can will share a Success Story from the last meeting.

·         The meeting will end with an opportunity for some quick interacting/networking before the regularly scheduled Rotary luncheon

Every other week one Rotary Works! member will make a 60 second presentation about what they do and what kind of client they are seeking -- providing an opportunity to showcase their profession to the club at large.  We want the club membership to know that we are working within the club to build our professional networks.