This committee develops and implements projects and programs which directly aid young people or stimulate the community’s appreciation of their worth and potential. 


Committee projects include:

  1. Thesmacher High School Recognition Day/New Generations Conference - designed to recognize 125 – 150 top High School Seniors, as well as foster communication between the youth of Cleveland and our School and Civic leaders.  Make renewed efforts to share the results of our conference with these leaders, partly through continuing to use the services of an outside consultant.
  2.  Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Program  - Through Camp RYLA,  the participants, the “leaders of tomorrow”, have the unique opportunity to be exposed to many facets of leadership by individuals  who have already learned to be leaders in their professions or fields. Camp RYLA is an enjoyable and valuable experience for those who can meet the challenge
  3. "Ask a Rotarian" Financial Literacy - The do's and don'ts of managing your money.  Ongoing seminars for students under 25 trying to gain financial freedom. Topics include budgeting, banking, buying/leasing a car, and student loans.  
  4. College NOW -   Provide scholarships for students graduating from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, who require financial assistance in order to attend college.  We will continue to work with College NOW to define our participation and expectations, and continue to encourage more involvement in Rotary programs by our scholarship recipients.